Final Project Report pt. 2: Dynamic Infinity Mirror

I wanted to build something that I would use as decoration. I wanted it to be interesting and fun to gaze at, but I also wanted it to be challenging to build, which I believe my project achieved all of that. Next I would like to refine this project a little more by replacing the…
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Final Project Report: Dynamic Infinity Mirror

The Beginning I have always loved the color black. I think it is futuristic, classy, and sleek. If you look around my room or even in my closet, most of my items are black. My computer, keyboard, printer, water bottle, decorations, etc. I just love the modern and sleek look of it. So it made…
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Top 5 Constraints – Infinity Mirror

The Aesthetic: When I started the design process for this, I knew I wanted it to be dark, mysterious, and futuristic looking. The aesthetic was my constraint priority number one. This determined the material, the shape, the color, and the dynamics of the lights. Size: I wanted this to be a desktop sized item. It…
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