Main Project Aesthetic Alternatives: Pop Art and Kawaii-Children Stories Aesthetic

For my main project, my first chosen aesthetic was Pop Art, as written about in this post. However, I spent more time carousing the internet, looking for other aesthetics, and I stumbled upon old children books and other softer colors. I’m familiar with the Kawaii aesthetic, as described to be both “cute and soft” and…
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Main Project Inspiration: Kirby Modern Pop Art

For this project, I wish to create an animation, particularly a fanimation of the old introductions of Kirby games, particularly Kirby: Return to Dreamland introduction or Kirby Super Star Ultra’s intro in the style of the new Kirby: Star Allies game. For reference, Kirby: Return to Dreamland intro is the following: Kirby Super Star…
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Upcycle Inspiration: Plushies

The inspiration for my upcycling project started with the numerous stuffed animals I have lying around my house, particularly the cute, mouthless style of Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty has a very iconic style: bright colors with various amounts of embellishments, cute black, simple eyes. I heavily enjoy the playful, childish appeal of the products and…
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