Top 5 Constraints: Animated Video Game Stories

For my final project, I intend to create an animation showcasing a video game story in a child. There are several constraints regarding this project.

  1. Time
    The most major constraint of this animation is going to be the large amounts of time required to create an animation. Animations are incredibly slow in nature to create, and fully drawn, frame-by-frame animation even slower. Therefore, I aim to have the video no longer than 3-5 minutes.
  2. Aesthetic: Children’s Storyboard
    The aesthetic of this animation is going to be in the picture I have set as the featured image. I am familiar with drawing in this style, but as I will be crafting every frame, it is going to be slow, as every frame is going to be fully colored.
  3. Theme and Story
    The actual video game story of this project is not yet chosen, but I was aiming for the beginning introduction of Warframe or Kirby: Return to Dreamland. Both have complex, rather strange stories and will need to be summarized in order to make sense.
  4. Originality
    There have been several animations in this style before, and it will take quite a bit of work to make it more original, in my own aesthetic and design. Since I am not creating original stories, I will need to look into copyright laws as well.
  5. After Effects
    My animation program of use is After Effects, which is a very heavy-duty and complex program. I am familiar with it, but for more complex effects and smoother animation, I will have to find out tutorials myself.

I have high hopes for this project, and I do hope I can truly produce something interesting and colorful, with a medium that I always have wanted to work with on a large scale!

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