Main Project Aesthetic Alternatives: Pop Art and Kawaii-Children Stories Aesthetic

For my main project, my first chosen aesthetic was Pop Art, as written about in this post.

However, I spent more time carousing the internet, looking for other aesthetics, and I stumbled upon old children books and other softer colors.

I’m familiar with the Kawaii aesthetic, as described to be both “cute and soft” and originating from Japan. The Kawaii aesthetic is defined by very light lines, soft edges, and pastel colors.

Image result for kawaii aesthetic strawberry milk
Strawberry Milk by AyanamiChan

I also found this video on Youtube, making me reconsider what I wish to do for my project:

This is a sequence taken from the video game Super Mario Galaxy by Nintendo, told in a style of a childhood nighttime story. I found the colors soft and inviting, and wish to emulate this sort of style.

My project idea is now to tell the stories of video games in sequences or chapters, as if they were simply childhood stories. I find most video game stories to be complex, almost convoluted at times, and I think it would be interesting to try and simplify them!

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  • Kensue Kiatoukaysy
    March 2, 2020 11:40 am

    Hi Emi,
    I thought this was an interesting aesthetic to go with and using the Mario scene really helped me understand exactly what it was. I would like to see more sketches of exactly how you’ll be drawing these scenes and what genre of video games you’ll be choosing. Overall a good choice of project however!

  • Hi, Emi,

    This is a really cool idea! I think it’ll turn out to be super cute using the kawaii style to tell the story of video games. However, it’s kind of unclear to me that how would you actually present this? By using a video like the one that you showed, or making a series of illustrations? Or other ways?

    Anyway, good luck with your project!



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