Design Progress 2: Video Game Children Stories


Fortunately, due to this project being completely digital, the timeline has not been complicated. I plan to do three stories, but I will at least finish one.

First Story: Goodnight Kirby (Goodnight Moon + Kirby) done 3/30/2020

  • Benefits of this story: storyboard has been finished beforehand, and final sketches are being done over spring break, as this is in tandem with my Adv. Motion class.

Second Story: ???

  • Storyboard done 4/6/2020
  • First full animation done within a week of finishing storyboard
  • Tweak over next week, finish by 4/20/20

Third Story: ???

  • Storyboard done 4/20/2020
  • First full animation done within a week of finishing storyboard
  • Tweak over next week, finish by 5/4/20

The main process will be trying to figure out what to use as my next two stories and constructing scripts, but otherwise the timeline is very very simple.


The entire project will be constructed on a combination of Procreate and Clip Studio Paint on the iPad for each frame. Animation will be done with Adobe After Effects.

I have done work like this, as seen here:

Other Considerations

Since this is a digital animation, the only considerations really necessary is how many stories to construct within a given time frame, and the complexity of the animations.

Another consideration is time, as creating these animations is extremely time intensive.


Video: not currently submitted, was never sent to me via Zoom.

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  • Hi, Emi,

    It’s fortunate that you have chosen a digital project, which is not as impacted by current situation. It’s awesome that you got the first storyboard done and will to do the final sketches over the spring break. I don’t know how familiar you are with hand sketching animations, but just like what you said, you can at least finish the first story, I think it might be better to make one single great animation instead of trying to do all three. Because drawing each frames, polishing the details, and adding sound effects all take time. On a side note, aside from After Effects, there is also another great software made by Adobe called Adobe Animate, which you could also check out to see, it is specified for animation production. Anyway, good luck with your project and take care!


  • Thomas Buckholtz
    March 20, 2020 1:08 pm

    This is a really fun take on the final project! It’s really convenient it’s all digital, I don’t see the quarantine affecting your timeline much either. Is there a reason you chose three story lines? It seems like you’ll be pretty hard pressed to finish all three, especially considering how open-ended the other two seem at the moment. It might be better to just commit to the one, and sink extra time you would’ve spent on the other two into really polishing up the one. But, I do really like the idea of having options to choose from, kind of like a choose your own adventure deal! One last note, do you think the aesthetic will be Kawaii again? Really enjoyed your example animation, good luck!


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