20th Century Design Movement Comparison – Levi Caffes

For casting my design in three other aesthetics, I focused on changing the front pocket design to incorporate other aesthetics. The three aesthetics I used were Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and a turtle’s shell. The art deco design was inpired by a pattern I found while doing research. The pattern was a matrix of diamonds…
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Upcycle Final Report: ‘I love lamp’ [L1]

Video of my presentation is HERE. Kept on the ground, the L1 produces a low-mood lighting experience. The bulb is covered in all directions which helps diffuse the light source and blocks the eye from catching direct light, which can be distracting. Providing two levels, the lamp can be used as a bedside table or…
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Aesthetic Exploration: Scandinavian Furniture

Scandinavian furniture is characterized by sleek, well-made, and minimalist design. The harsh weather conditions and large forestlands have influenced the designers to produce long lasting products that use wood as the main construction medium. The socialist political climate in Sweden has shaped a common design philosophy that everyone has the right to well designed objects…
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