UpCycle Project: ‘I love Lamp’

I have never really liked lamps. I prefer overhead lighting in most situations, but it is a pain to get up from my bed and flip the switch that is on the other side of the room – so I have to compromise and have some lamps in my life. Because I don’t like most lamps, I decided to design one for the upcycle project.

In sticking to the design aesthetic I like most, I wanted to keep the lamp very simple and use as few parts as possible; yet maintaining an interesting look and its primary function (lighting). As of right now, not including the lightbulb and fixture, the lamp is made of two parts – a milk crate and a giant plastic bag. The milk crate was sourced from Community Food Share, which is a local donation based food shelf. The plastic bag (I can fit inside of it) was found in the trash at my work. Yes, I went dumpster diving. I repurposed a flood light fixture and an LED bulb I had around the house to produce the lighting.

The plastic bag is meant to diffuse the lighting and to make the crate glow. I took the bulb and wrapped it in the plastic bag then stuffed it inside the crate. I was surprised at how bright it actually came out considering the amount of plastic I used. Looking forward, I could turn the plastic into drapes that would line the inside of the crate for a more polished look. I don’t know if I want to that though, because I like the chaotic form of the plastic now when it is lit up.


The L1 is meant to stay on the ground and produce a low-mood-lighting experience; see the photo below.

L1 Lit
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  • Emma Hammerton
    February 5, 2017 7:16 pm

    I really like how you decided to take something that is often designed in a way that you don’t like and made it into something entirely your own. It’s really impressive also that this design is so simplistic yet artsy and functional. I agree with the previous comment in that it would be interesting to see multiples of this in different orientations and colors. I think it might be a versatile addition to include a closed-bottom with the device so that it could be mounted on a bedside table if desired. Overall a really innovative idea!

  • Great write-up, and the final project is already taking shape. Do you have any plans to control the lighting or change the hue at all? I would be interested to see it in a few different environments… stacked on the floor, 2 or 3 positioned on the wall, or even one on the ceiling. Overall I see no issues and your progress looks great for where we are right now. I hope you’re able to assembly a cool setting/arrangement for the final presentation.


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