YAYA Final Report #2

Changes to Current Design

There’s a decent amount that I would like to change about the current design of the backpack. For starters I would like to do a lot more research on shoulder strap design as the ones I have right now or not very comfortable and they are separated too far apart on the back so it feels like you constantly have to shrug your shoulders to get them back on your shoulders. I would also like to increase the padding of the shoulder straps right now they are 1/8 inch thick padding and I would like to double that to make it a quarter inch thick. I need to revisit the design of the front panel because I think it does not match up with the back panel design specifically the lengths of the sides seem to not match up. I think it has to do mainly with the radial cuts I made at the bottom of the front panel and that they are not removing enough material so that there there is some bunching towards the bottom. For the front mesh pocket I would like to add some material at the bottom of the pocket that would match the main material of the backpack so that it would protect whatever is in that pocket of the time from abrasion from the ground or really getting wet from water splashing from riding your bike and it also give me a place to put a small strap Loop to put a blinking red light for when I’m biking at night. I might increase the length of the roll top section because sometimes when it’s not rolled tight enough it becomes unraveled and that means water can get in there if you’re walking or biking in the rain . Increasing the length would ensure that there’s enough overlap between between the layers when your roll it up. I’ve also thought about changing the closure clip for the top compression strap because the one I use right now is not the easiest thing to use.

Future Additions

Another thing that I would like to add to the backpack is a zippered pocket on the front of it . I would like to hide the zipper as much as possible yet have the pocket go inside of the backpack so that is more like a secret slash stash pocket . this would be done at the top of the front mesh pocket right at the seam of the two pieces . I’d also like to add another mesh pocket on the side to make it easier to carry a water bottle along with you and have a designated water bottle pocket. I’ve also thought about replacing the flat lid design for the laptop sleeve with just a zippered closure. I would use a waterproof zipper in order to keep the waterproofness of the laptop case, because I think those most vital thing about the sleeve itself .


Future Ambitions

Once I finalize the design of the backpack I really do think I could make more of them and potentially sell them at make her fairies and possibly on Etsy.  I wouldn’t like to turn into a full business just something that I would like to do in my spare time for fun . I would also like to make some other types of bags for example I’ve started to design a fanny pack and a laptop sleeve and a saddlebag for mountain biking and some dry socks for when I am actually backpacking. One thing that I would really like to doing the future is make my own backpack for backpacking. This would be an ultralight style backpack with no frame.

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  • Morgan Ulrich
    May 10, 2017 5:32 pm

    It is apparent how invested you are in your design. It’s not easy to find something that you are so passionate about, that you would spend so many hours iterating through designs. The most impressive part about your backpack is how many times you’ve improved the design. Every design repetition got you one step closer to your perfect backpack. The best part of engineering is being able to build whatever you want!

  • Ridhvik Gopal
    May 10, 2017 2:29 pm

    I personally think that your project was the most carefully designed project. You had a lot of iterations, with thoughtful comments and great ideas. I would buy one of your bags down the 3rd or 4th iteration. You had great sketches and a great story to follow the designs! Kudos and all the best!

  • Sofi Leroux
    May 10, 2017 2:11 pm

    This post is really representative of how involved you are in this project and how much you have enjoyed working on your backpack. I think the fact that you plan to do more work on your project is super cool! I do agree with your strap improvements: when you passed around your backpack in class, I compared your straps to the straps on my backpack. The straps on the YAYA were much thinner and further apart. Additionally, it would be nice if you added a clip for a camelback hose and maybe a chess strap for support. Good luck with these additions!!


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