UpCycle Inspiration: Bright Board 2.0

My initial thought process for my project started with me looking around my room for something that I could re purpose into a cool design. I definitely wanted to focus on the design over the function for this project so that gave me the liberty to make just about anything. I am currently working on…
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Aesthetic Exploration: The Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore, Oceanview Boardwalk The New Jersey coastline is 130 miles long. The coast line features beautiful lighthouses, boardwalks, and oceanic life; however, when one thinks of the Jersey shore, they don’t think about the 130 miles [1] where the state meets the Atlantic Ocean. Instead, the Jersey shore has a much more urban and…
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Apple Design Aesthetic

Under the sometimes manic guidance from Steve Jobs, Apple product designers were able to redefine the tech industry with a sleek aesthetic that has now become the norm within the industry. The aesthetic is characterized by clean lines with the absence of clutter and, more recently, with an outer shell of aluminum. The original inspiration…
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