Upcycle Project Progress: Enchanted Wine Bottles

Even the best-laid schemes can go wrong from time to time. That’s what occurred with my most recent upcycling endeavour, where I intended to use three wine bottles and fairy lights to create a romantic atmosphere. Despite making some headway on the project, I sadly ran into a problem when I tried to laser cut the wood surface.

At first, I had imagined a gorgeous timber surface that was expertly carved and shaped. I made the decision to use a laser cutter to precisely cut the wood into the desired form in order to accomplish this. But I soon discovered that using the laser cutter was much more challenging than I had expected.

First of all, just getting the laser cutter to function properly was difficult. Before I even tried to use it on the job, I had to spend hours learning through workshops, watching internet tutorials, and practising on scraps of wood. Even then, getting the board to cut accurately and without burning required several tries.

The wood surface still wasn’t turning out the way I had hoped despite my best efforts. It was getting harder and harder to salvage the project because the laser cutter was leaving burn spots and scorch lines on the timber. In the end, I understood that since I had used leftover MDF wood that was 1/4 inch thick, the wood surface would inevitably burn from the margins.

Even though it was disappointing, I thought the burnt edges added to the aesthetic of the surface and, when assembled, would appear to be a part of the effect I am going for. I decided to add a bulb in the center covered with white printing pages as shades as I had the idea to use the enclosure as a second source of light to balance the structure. To power the bulb, I made use of some wires.

In the end, this experience showed me that there’s always a way to salvage something exquisite from the wreckage, even when things don’t go as planned. And who knows, perhaps someday I’ll give laser cutting another go and produce the ideal wood surface for a different project.

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  • Aryan Gandhi
    March 4, 2023 9:15 pm

    I can relate to the feeling of wanting to learn a new skill like laser cutting and the challenge that comes with it. It’s impressive that you were willing to seek out resources and put in the effort to improve your skills.

    What I find most inspiring is your ability to adapt and find a way to make the burnt edges work in the final design. It takes a lot of creativity and resilience to turn a setback into an opportunity for growth.


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