Magical Heartbeat Tree: A Fantasy World Experience

It’s exciting to work on projects that take you to fantastical settings. A magical gateway is a tree that lights up and is powered by an Arduino board. The project involves creating a tree that uses LED lighting and a heart rate sensor to respond to the user’s heart rate. Programmable LED ropes will be used on the tree’s trunk, while colorful LEDs will be used on the foliage.

I was inspired by a special tree in Oslo that drew my eye as a fervent creative enthusiast and admirer of all things amazing. It was a tree that lit up at night and gave off a mystical ambience that made me feel as though I was somewhere else. At that point, I decided to build my own version of the magical tree using an Arduino board and a heart-rate sensor that responds to my pulse.


I’m currently sourcing the essential information and formulating the best strategy for realizing my goal. I’m thinking about using wood, foam, or any other material that will give the tree a genuine appearance and feel. The tree’s limbs will be decorated with vibrant LEDs to replicate the leaves, and the tree’s trunk will be laced with programmed LED ropes to simulate the effect of the tree trunk lighting up.

I intend to employ a heart rate sensor that will measure the user’s pulse rate and be attached to their finger in order to create the heartbeat effect. The Arduino board will be used to process the sensor’s data before being utilized to pulse the tree from bottom to top. The speed and intensity of the light effects will be determined by the pulse rate, resulting in a pulsating effect that is synchronized with the user’s heartbeat.

The project’s aesthetic is also quite important, therefore I’m thinking about employing hues and patterns that have a mystical feel to them. For instance, the vivid LEDs can be configured to shift color, producing a compelling optical illusion.

I’m still working through my ideas at this point, so the project might evolve as I go. I’m eager to see the outcome, but the concept of making a mystical tree that responds to the user’s heartbeat is intriguing.

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  • Aryan Gandhi
    March 21, 2023 5:32 pm

    Your project sounds absolutely amazing, and I love how you have taken inspiration from the special tree in Oslo to create your own magical version using an Arduino board and a heart-rate sensor. I appreciate how you have considered all the details, from the materials you will use to the programming of the LED lights to synchronize with the user’s heartbeat. The idea of the pulsating effect that changes with the user’s pulse rate is fascinating and shows a great attention to detail. I also love how you are considering the aesthetic aspect of the project, and the use of colors and patterns that give a mystical feel to the tree. It is clear that you are taking a thoughtful approach to this project, and your enthusiasm for the outcome is amazing !


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