Creating an Interactive Tree: The Evolution of My Project

My concept was inspired by the notion of combining technology and art to create an interactive sculpture. I wanted to make something that would not only look good but would also engage the spectator through an interactive feature. I came across a couple projects online that prompted me to design a tree-like structure that would light up based on the viewer’s interactivity.

The ‘Oslo Tree’ was one such effort that piqued my interest. It was an interactive sculpture that lighted up in response to the viewer’s heartbeat.

My vision for the project was to develop a small-scale replica of an interactive tree that would employ LED lights to create an enthralling visual display. The tree would be programmed to adapt to the viewer’s pulse rate, producing an immersive experience that would be both restful and captivating.

I started by sketching up a basic notion of how I wanted the tree to appear. I imagined a tree with a trunk made of braided transparent pipes and limbs made of laser-cut paper in the shape of leaves, each with an LED light within. However, this design did not turn out as anticipated, and I had to make some changes to it.

The tree’s final design comprised of a 3D printed trunk composed of multicolor filament (black and purple). The top of the tree had NeoPixel Christmas lights that lit up in response to a person’s pulse. The heart rate sensor at the base of the tree detected the viewer’s pulse rate and triggered the lighting sequence.

My aesthetic objective for the project was to create a fascinating and immersive experience for the spectator. I wanted the tree to be visually appealing as well as elicit a sense of surprise and inquiry. The usage of LED lights was critical in producing an immersive experience that would take the spectator into a another realm.

Overall, my project specs called for the creation of an interactive tree-like structure that would adapt to the viewer’s pulse rate, resulting in an engaging visual show. The tree would be on a tiny size, about 12 inches tall, and would be created to be visually beautiful while also eliciting a sense of surprise and interest in the spectator.

In the next section, I’ll go into how I realized my vision and the obstacles I encountered along the road.

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