Summing Up 2019

This semester, I have done two interesting and adorable projects in the class ‘Aesthetics of Design’.

Beginning with the Upcycle project, I made a pop-up book in LEGO

Upcycle Progress- Pop-up Book

Upcycle Inspiration: Bear with Panda

Upycle Final Report: Pop-up LEGO Book

Then I turn to reobserve oriental aesthetics theory. Dougong was picked up as my perspective to dig in.

Main Project Inspiration: Dougong

Top 5 Constraints

Design Review: Dougong

Final Project Aesthetics vs 20th Century Designs


Main Project Final Stretch

Final Report Part 1: Camping Light – Peilin Yang

Main Project Final Report Part 2: Dougong camping light


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Summing Up 2019
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