Final Project Aesthetics vs 20th Century Designs

For my final project, I think about implementing the Minimalism on it to fit the Ming Dynasty furnature style well. The texture and simplization are the core topics of Ming Dynasty.

The texture of wood was fully used to reveal natural beauty. Simple design had nothing to do with cheapness; red sandalwood and scented rosewood represented essential value. Handwritings and paintings by well-known calligraphers and painters were engraved in desks and chairs

Simple structure and minimal decoration set off the natural beauty of the wood. This meaningful simplicity was achieved without sacrificing comfort. Scientific protection for bodily form was reflected in details such as curves, lines, height, and size.

Coat rack in Ming Dynasty style

But the texture of the 3D print makes Minimalism as an imprudent option for the project. The plain color and plastic sense somehow ruin the aesthetic of this project. Thus, to dilute this kind of cheap sense, the Art Deco came into my mind.

Geometrics , bold Color and visual drama, the top 3 features of the Art Deco, will be a storng decoration if appropriately applied on the rack’s surface.


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  • Hi Peilin,
    I really enjoyed the thought process you had when it came to the design of your project. I like how you thought about the final texture the 3D printer would create and how it would affect the overall minimalist design. The only question I have is whether the Ming Dynasty design/ aesthetic matches that of minimalism more or art deco? Both seem like viable options, but is there one that compliments the original aesthetic more?


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