Main Project Inspiration: Dougong

For my main project, I think about to rebuild a Dougong model by 3D print. Dougongis a unique structural element of interlocking wooden brackets, one of the most important elements in traditional Chinese architecture.

Dougong is part of the network of wooden supports essential to the timber frame structure of traditional Chinese building because the walls in these structures are not load-bearing (curtain walls), sometimes made of latticeworkmud or other delicate material. Walls functioned to delineate spaces in the structure rather than to support weight.

Multiple interlocking bracket sets are formed by placing a large wooden block (dou) on a column to provide a solid base for the bow-shaped brackets (gong) that support the beam or another gong above it. The function of dougong is to provide increased support for the weight of the horizontal beams that span the vertical columns or pillars by transferring the weight on horizontal beams over a larger area to the vertical columns.

I think about using 3D print to reconstitution of this acient chinese architecture skill. The ideal product will be like following figure.

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  • Jordan Nahabetian
    March 11, 2019 1:45 pm

    This aesthetic is solid, it would be good to consider the scope of the project. you may be able to apply this to a table or small shelf.

  • Hi Peilin,
    I have never heard of this aesthetic before, and it looks very interesting. Is this going to be something that you can ultimately use? What scale are you thinking of using for this project? Also, is there a part of this that will move? From what I read, it looks like this will purely be a 3D print. I would challenge you to incorporate more than just PLA or ABS into this design. I think a variety of materials might look cool. Have you thought about these ideas yet?


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