Top 5 Constraints

For my main project, the first constraints is the 3D design problem. I don’t have too much 3D design experience though my project is about implemening 3D printer for the component. Second is for the desgin referrence for my project, Dougong is a quite ancient archtecture technology which means no longer be practice in the industry field for a considerably long time. Material, layout and assembly insturcion is not not that kind of available. The third problem is for the 3D printer material.

To get a better texture sense, wood is the best option for my final project but I believe ITLL doesn’t equiped with wood-compatible 3D printer. I need to substitute something else for the wood or carpenter as an alternative. The last two constaints are the method of experssion and the connection with aesthetics. Just a part of Dougong is hard to say there is a aesthetic concept behind it. The way to display the project is significant for this kind of functional project.

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