Main Project Final Report Part 2: Dougong camping light

Why and What next?

The outcome of my final project met my expectation for 90%. Some improvement will be made for the switch of the LED strips. That transparent plastic box somehow downgrade the aesthetics level of my project. I think about digging a hole through the column to hide the strips and engraving a space for the switch box.

Reflection on the semester. Compare your original project intent to what you ended up with.

My original intent is to make a coat rack with this chinese brackets on the top of the rack. But it turned out to be too huge for 3D printer. So I change the object as camping light which is more practicable and the same functional as the coat rack.

What was your aesthetic, and how well did you achieve it?

My aesthetic is oriental aesthetic with Yin-Yang and some minimalism. The female and male parts in the Dougong shows the core concept of Yin-Yang. And I tried to let the material itself to tell story. The former one was achieved pretty well but the 3D printing material turned out to be a bit low-key.

What did you learn from your project, and from the class?

I appreciate the class give me a chance to reobserve my culture and the aesthetics it condensed. High class architecture technology combining with the geometry transform create a fabulous sense.

What will you do next with the project?

I will take it with me for the upcoming road trip! Let it shine among the bush!

What do you wish you had done differently?

I wish I could have added some texture logo on brackets make it more readable instead of their current plain surface.


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