Aesthetic Variations Compared to 20th Century Designs: Bed Stand

Hello my dearest readers, In my previous blog post I mentioned that I wish to pursue a food aesthetic with my bed stand – well, today I am going to explore some more possible aesthetic avenues for my bed stand. I know you all loved the pizza aesthetic as much as I did but it…
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Skill Sets & Personal Aspirations

As an engineering student I have the same general technical skills that most students do – where I separate myself from the pack is in outdoor skills. I am an accomplished skier – I raced in high school but transitioned into skiing park. Beyond skiing I enjoy riding dirtbikes; currently I ride a WR 250…
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Aesthetic Exploration: The Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore, Oceanview Boardwalk The New Jersey coastline is 130 miles long. The coast line features beautiful lighthouses, boardwalks, and oceanic life; however, when one thinks of the Jersey shore, they don’t think about the 130 miles [1] where the state meets the Atlantic Ocean. Instead, the Jersey shore has a much more urban and…
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