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Although I have not yet decided on a main project, I do have a few ideas that stem from the source of inspiration. All of my ideas for my main project function as organizational items. I guess this is the case because I want to build something that is artsy and aesthetically pleasing, unique, and still useful.

One idea is something that could help me organize my outdoor equipment. This could be a rack to hold my ski equipment: helmet, glove, goggle, skis, etc. It could also be a rack to hold my backpacking equipment: stove, sleeping bag, first aid kit, headlamp, etc. If I build something to hold my backpacking equipment I might try to make it out of fabric so I could bring it with me in my pack. If I have some kind of fold-able, mobile thing, it would help me easily find maps or any other thing when I am in the mountains.

A second idea is to build a shoe rack. Right now we have a shoe rack in my house that doesn’t really get used because it is in a tight space so it is difficult to retrieve your shoes from the back of the rack or the lower levels of the rack. If I build the shoe rack it will have two levels that can both slide out so that it is easy to retrieve shoes no matter where they are on the shoe rack!

My third and final idea is to build a chess board. But it wouldn’t be just any chess board. This chess board would be more of a box with a board on top. The box would feature a couple of drawers that are lined with felt and can be pulled out. This drawers would house the chess pieces so that they don’t get lost. I think this project would be really neat and make a cool gift for my grandpa. These are pretty common, here’s an example:


The chessboard picture is not mine, it is from here:

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  • Luke Woolley
    March 2, 2017 10:07 am

    Check your categories: I don’t think “course” should be there, it’s getting put in with notes and schedule.


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