Top Five Constraints: Bed Stand

There are a few constraints that will limit but also drive my final project.

  1. The first constraint is the aesthetic of my triangle furniture. I want the furniture have a sort of cartoony but food focused aesthetics. The main theme will be pizza – the furniture will be painted accordingly. The legs for the furniture will look like bread sticks.
  2. The furniture will have to fit in the awkward triangle that exists next to my bed. This awkward triangle exists because my bedroom has no 90 degree corners. Who thought that was a good idea?
  3. I also want my furniture to be the same height as my bed. This is necessary so that when I reach for anything I don’t have to reach too high because if I’m in bed I might be too tired to do so.
  4. The furniture must also have a moving part. This will be a hinge that allows the bed stand to open up so I can put stuff like books in my bed stand. Maybe I’ll even put pizza in it so when I wake up I can eat pizza in bed next to my pizza bed stand!
  5. Finally I want the legs of the furniture to be round. This is a must. It is non-negotiable and necessary for me to succeed in my project. This is because the legs will be bread sticks and bread sticks are round.

I believe that if I can adhere to these five constraints I will be able to produce a quality product. In fact, if my product is functioning and reflects the desired aesthetic, I have the utmost confidence that my final project will be glorious.

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  • Hunter Miller
    May 10, 2017 11:18 pm

    So weird that your room doesnt have any 90 degree corners in that room. but you are making the best of it! I think that your project will come out really well. I am excited to see the finished product.

  • Matthew Clark
    May 10, 2017 4:07 pm

    Looks like you have your constraints outlined well. I would agree that the furniture should be the same height as your bed, so I would suggest making the legs out of something strong and durable.

  • Your constraints certainly favor function over form, without the food aesthetics you would certainly have quite the piece of modern furniture. The table height being equal to the bed height is a particularity well thought out constraint. This does however increase the risk of spilling a beverage, perhaps consider adding a lip to the top of the table to mitigate spill damage.

  • Cyron Completo
    March 13, 2017 11:24 am

    Your constraints make total sense for your project, especially the constraint for your bed stand legs being round: that makes sense because breadsticks are round. How much container space will the bed stand have? I am not sure if it will be able to fit both pizzas and books considering the amount of space you have to work with.

  • Levi Cortright
    March 12, 2017 11:58 pm

    These are well thought out constraints. The one that I think will most affect you is the triangle shapes. This will be difficult to find parts that fit, so you may have to custom make all of these parts.


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