Project Portfolio: Alex Gebben

During this semester, I was able to fully realize two functional products with wildly different aesthetics. Both of these items are currently being used as furniture in my house!

The first project was an upcycled shoe rack made from used skateboard decks. This shoe rack has a skatepark graffiti aesthetic which I think came out very well. I used spray paint to graffiti the wooden frame and then and then attached the skateboard decks. I currently use this artifact to store all of my shoes and I am very happy with the result.

My second project was a brutalist desk lamp constructed using aluminum tubing and concrete. The lamp is adjustable and there is an on / off switch. I think I captured the brutalist aesthetic very effectively with the unique shape of the concrete base. This lamp currently sits in my living room where it is frequently used.

Overall I had a great semester making these projects. I learned several new skills including concrete pouring, woodworking, electrical wiring, and how to design something with aesthetics in mind. Here are links to all of my progress posts so you can see the process I used to successfully create these artifacts.

Aesthetics Exploration – Late 90’s / Early 00’s Tech Skate Footwear

Upcycling Project Aesthetic: Skatepark Graffiti

Upcycled Skateboard Shoe Rack with Graffiti Aesthetic: Progress Update

Opposite Aesthetic: Postmodern Skate/Graffiti Shoe Rack vs Modern/Minimalist Shoe Rack

Graffitied Skateboard Shoe Rack

Main Project Inspirations – Brutalist Table Lamp

Brutalist vs Space Age vs Nature Aesthetic Desk Lamp

Brutalist OR Space Age Desk Lamp

Brutalist Desk Lamp Specifications and Constraints

Brutalist Lamp Progress

Brutalist Desk Lamp – What and Why

Brutalist Desk Lamp – How and What next


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