Illusionist Locket: Katie Yarnell

Rotary Candle Holder by Alex Thompson

Snowboard Cup Holder by Matt Clark

Rick Totem by Scott Lowenstein

Puppy Palace: K. Gresh

iTunes Hologram by Oksana Schuppan

Personal Lock Box – Errol Romero

Heart Rate LED Monitor by Shohei Hara

Dummy Roping Calf by Colton Behr

Ryan Forsyth Aesthetics of Design 2017

Trebuchet by Gautham Govindarajan

Bear Spray Light by Emily O. Pearson

Upside Down Fish Tank – Jason Savath

Origami Pop-Up Diary – Morgan Ulrich

Balerion: The Electric Longboard by Siddharth Nigam

Jon Nelson Heart Beat Sensor

The Lazy Susan, A Project By Tori Herfert

Smart Mirror – Ryan Daniel

cloudfootstudio & Thinkly – Luke Woolley

Bamboo Fly Rod – Jeremy Parsons

Pizza Bed Stand by Alexander Lien

Hunter Miller Pencil Holder

Laser Cut and Etched Nightstand – Kyle Aulwurm

Steampunk Clock | Marcus Gurule

Art Deco Zoetrope: Ridhvik Gopal

Rotating Candle Holder by Faisal Al Balushi

2-Size Tablet Stand by Jian Kan

Chess Board-Benjamin Fried