Laser Cut and Etched Nightstand – Kyle Aulwurm

Pizza Bed Stand by Alexander Lien

Rick Totem by Scott Lowenstein

Dummy Roping Calf by Colton Behr

Steampunk Clock | Marcus Gurule

Personal Lock Box – Errol Romero

Hunter Miller Pencil Holder

Bear Spray Light by Emily O. Pearson

iTunes Hologram by Oksana Schuppan

Art Deco Zoetrope: Ridhvik Gopal

Smart Mirror – Ryan Daniel

cloudfootstudio & Thinkly – Luke Woolley

Upside Down Fish Tank – Jason Savath

Jon Nelson Heart Beat Sensor

Rotary Candle Holder by Alex Thompson

Snowboard Cup Holder by Matt Clark

Rotating Candle Holder by Faisal Al Balushi

Illusionist Locket: Katie Yarnell

2-Size Tablet Stand by Jian Kan

Bamboo Fly Rod – Jeremy Parsons

Origami Pop-Up Diary – Morgan Ulrich

Puppy Palace: K. Gresh

Trebuchet by Gautham Govindarajan

Chess Board-Benjamin Fried

Ryan Forsyth Aesthetics of Design 2017

The Lazy Susan, A Project By Tori Herfert

Heart Rate LED Monitor by Shohei Hara

Balerion: The Electric Longboard by Siddharth Nigam