Lecture notes from previous years

24 Spheres, then Case Study: the Chair

We looked at sketching spheres. Shading is the key. Then we did breakout rooms so folks could discuss their projects. Then we looked at the evolution of the modern chair, from Thonet with his bentwood manufacturing innovations up to Charles and Ray Eames. Designers were inspired by both technology and previous designers. Lecture notes Zoom…

22 Color and Magic Factor of 7. Friday April 10, 2020.

In research or design, any time you are doing something new, it will take you 7 times longer than you think it should. Why? The Unkown Unknown; a pandemic for example. We also talked about color; nomenclature (Pantone, color spaces), and ‘aesthetic’ combinations. A bit of physics and human visual perception. Lecture notes

20 Aesthetics Game Critique

Today we critiqued the sketches from Friday’s Aesthetics Game, played with the major 20th century design movements. We also went over the schedule for the rest of the semester, and looked at which current designers to talk about, plus some other resources. Lecture Notes Zoom recording

19 Aesthetics Game Redux Friday 4/3/20

Today we played the Aesthetics games using the major 20th Century design movements over Zoom. Students went into breakout rooms in groups of 3, and collaborated on object/aesthetic combinations on a whiteboard. Monday we’ll look at what everybody did. Lecture notes contain the rules and combos. Lecture Notes  

18 Pop Art to Present, plus cylinder sketching

Today we finished describing the major 20th century design movements, covering the 1960’s to present day post modernism. Then we sketched cylinders in perspective view, including shade and shadow. Lecture notes Unfortunately, I forgot to record the Zoom lecture. I’ve made it automatic, so this won’t happen again.

17 Modern Movements. Monday 3/30/20

Today was the second lecture on Zoom. It was better since I could broadcast from my office. We talked about revised due dates (finish your Design Review 1 and 2 ASAP, critiques due Friday) . Behruz will post a spreadsheet showing who still needs to have their DR reports critiqued. Don’t forget to upload the…

16 Bauhaus and Beyond, Zoom lecture 3/20/20

Had our first Zoom lecture today. A bit rough; upload speeds from my home are restricted, so in the future I’ll do them from my office. Next week is Spring Break; do enjoy. I’ll be checking in via Slack if anybody needs a consult. Lecture Notes PDF Lecture Video and Transcript

Transition to Online Course

Hi Folks. Starting tomorrow Monday 3/16, we will be online. See the Slack #general channel for detailed instructions. Basically, those who still have to do their Design Review Presentations will do them in Zoom this Monday and Wednesday at our usual class meeting time. Your pod facilitator will issue the Zoom meeting invitation in your…

Lecture 13, 3/2/2020: Arts and Crafts

Today we looked at the Arts and Crafts movement in a bit of detail. We did a knowledge construction exercise, where students presented examples of products in the Arts and Crafts style, and analyzed for common elements. Lecture Notes

11 Sketch Viewpoints, and start 20th Century Design Movements

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Today we went over the schedule, and decided that it’s polite to respond to posted critiques by the following Wednesday. We considered the importance of viewpoint in sketching an object, to show the most important aspects. We started 20th Century Design Movements, looking at a timeline showing the movements compared to other influences such as…

09 Cubes and Contour Bias

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Admin Sketching cubes Universal Principles of Design: Contour Bias Admin: Final (Exam) Expo will be Sunday May 3, 7:30-10 pm in the Idea Forge. Snacks, open to the public. Invite your friends and family. Great projects, and informative reports. However NO CREDIT WITHOUT FEATURED IMAGE. Use Worktrade to get help, or see me or Behruz…

Pods for Presentations

Here are the pods for presentations. You’ll be in the same pod all semester, meeting in the same location on presentation days. I’m expecting the graduate students to volunteer as facilitators for two or three of the presentation days (we have a total of 10 presentation days this semester, and 4 grad students per pod).…

08 Upcycle Specs, 1,2, and 3 Point Perspectives

Today we went over the specifications and due dates for the Upcycle Project. We talked about the critique method we’ll be using for the presentations: Lerman, Liz. Critical Response Process: A Method for Getting Useful Feedback on Anything You Make, from Dance to Dessert. EBook., 2002. Then we looked briefly at the difference between traditional…

06 Ideation Techniques

Talked about various techniques for generating ideas; what students already had experience with, plus linear techniques ‘False Faces’ and ‘SCAMPER’. Then we did a guided visualization as an example of an intuitive method. Lecture Notes  

04 Aesthetics Tour

Today we practiced drawing circles, then started the Aesthetics Tour, discussing the aesthetics of Tim Burton’s work, Industrial Chic, Harleys vs Japanese motorcycles, Yakuza vs feminine speech patterns, manga, steampunk, religion and angels, red, white and blue, colonial furniture, and corporate logos. Lecture Notes
Four images illustrating major art theories

03 Definitions of Aesthetics 2

We reviewed theories of art, and then went over various definitions of aesthetics. At the end we listed hallmarks of current aesthetics that most folks could identify: Minimalism and Hipster. Lecture Notes  

01 First class meeting

In our first class meeting (Monday 1/13/20) we started with the Strandbeest bicycle video and did a little critique of it. The walking mechanism was derived from Theo Jansen’s work. Then we went over the syllabus and the initial assignments.  Here’s an example of upcycling that I didn’t get to show. t’s a giant ball…

Final Assignments

Hi. I’ll try to collect all of the end-of-semester details here, in rough chronological order.   Make a post for Monday 4/22 with your project name and your name as the title. This will be a placeholder  so your pod can comment on your presentation regardless of the state of your final blog posts or…

Final Presentation logistics

You will have a 15 minute slot for your final presentation. Your content should cover the two written final report blog posts: What and How, Why and What Next? Introduce your project, then present design drawings, budget, and details of the assembly process. Talk about what your original goals were, and what you achieved. YOU…

30 Design Awards

Today we looked at a few of the many international design awards. Students selected some interesting winners to look at. Lecture notes: 30 Design Awards

28 Current Designers

We did sketching of metal, talked about schedule and final assignments, and looked at current designers: Virgil Abloh, Renzo Piano, Martha Stewart, Karim Rashid, Ross Lovegrove and Yves Béhar. 28 Current Designers

27 Current Designers: Starck, Precht, Burtt

Today we did sketching of glass (look for distortions, shadows, reflections) and talked about the final blog post requirements: Blog posts: April 24 Final Project Report I: What and How. Overall description and photos, then details of what you have made: CAD drawings, fabrication description, costs vs budget, etc. May 1 Final Project Report II:…

26 Chairs: Eames Lounge vs Monobloc

We did sketching of spheres, and material surfaces; glossy vs matte. We looked at the Eames Lounge chair, how integrated the design was with the manufacturing process, hence the ‘organic’ aspect of the aesthetic. This was compared to the ubiquitous Monobloc white plastic chair. 26 Chairs Eames Lounge, Monobloc, and Beyond

25 Golden Ratio, then Chairs

Today we went over shade and shadows during sketching practice. We finished discussion of Geometric Aesthetics looking at the Golden Ratio, including a video about John Edmark. Then we started looking at chairs as a case study. Chairs have evolved along with other furnishings, and their history is well documented (Chippendale anyone?). We saw some…

24 Anthropomorphic and Geometric Aesthetics

Registration for the ATLAS or Engineering Expo is encouraged but optional. Be sure to post images of your main project (design sketches or work-in-progress photos) that I can use for our final show flyer. We did sketching of horizontal cylinders. Shading helps. Then we talked about Baby Face Bias and gender stereotypes in product design.…

23 Magic Factor of 7, Color and Anthropomorphic Effects

When planning you have knowns, known unknowns, unknown knowns and unknown unknowns. The last one bites, and makes tasks take 7 times longer than they should. Then we did sketching of upright cylinders using ellipses. We also talked about color spaces (RGB vs CMYK and HSB) and Pantone Color of the Year. Then we started…

22 Color

Today we discussed upcoming topics, and looked at Universal Principles of Design topics on color: Black Effects, Red Effects and some color nomenclature. 22 Stuff and ColorDownload

20: Modern Design Movements

Today we looked over the schedule for the rest of the semester, had a little team time, and then went through Modern design movements with lightning speed: Art Deco, Organic Design, Streamlining, Post-War/Mid Century Modern, Pop, Radical Design, High Tech/Matt Black, and back to Post Modernism. Whew! Now everybody is ready to play the Aesthetics…

16 Arts and Crafts Movement

Groups of students analyzed images of Arts and Crafts styled products to determine what design elements form this aesthetic. When critiquing this week’s blog post about Main Project Inspirations, look for enough information to do this type of analysis on the proposed aesthetic. In other words, did the author describe what are the important style…

15: 20th Century Timeline

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If you are having trouble deciding on your project, choose an aesthetic to start, then think of an artifact that defines that aesthetic. Choose a random one if you have to! Today we started talking about historic design movements, so that our postmodern references will be understood. Had trouble with a video link, so please…

13 Supernormal Stimuli

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Today we went over the schedule for the rest of the semester, then takeaways from the Upcycle project, saw a short UPD video on Supernormal Stimuli, and did a bit more cube sketching Lecture 13 Supernormal StimuliDownload

11 Contour Bias vs Cubes

Today we went over Upcycle Presentation logistics (look for a separate post on that), and then continued with sketching practice, specifically cubes, extending to a blocky chair. In contrast, we also started talking about Universal Principles of Design; specifically Contour Bias. Humans react to pointy things with fear and attention, while rounder objects are more…

10 Aesthetics Game

Today the teams played the Aesthetics Game. The names of artifacts and aesthetics were drawn at random from a hat, and teams then sketch versions of the resulting mashup. For examples of what happened see https://www.aesdes.org/category/student-work/2016/aesthetics-game/ The popular favorite was the Disney Princess Flathead Screwdriver Lecture notes: 10 Aesthetics GameDownload

09 Upcycle Specs and Perspective Sketching

Today we went over the explicit expectations for final documentation of the Upcycle project: presentations and next week’s blog post. Then we went over basic use of vanishing points in 1, 2 and 3 point perspective, starting with cubes, of course. 09 Upcycle specs, Perspective sketching

08 Teams

We listened to my favorite wisdom on teamwork, from This American Life, and then the teams all met for the first time. The TAL episode focused on the work of Will Felps, now a professor of business at the University of New South Wales. During his PhD thesis in 2006 or so, he found ‘bad…

07 Process and Sketching

We talked a bit more about individual design processes, and looked at traditional industrial design sketches; how they vary through the design process. Ended with a bit of sketch practice, starting with straight lines, circles and ellipses. 07 Process and sketching lecture notesDownload

06 Ideation and Process

Since a good fraction of you are still unsure of your Upcycle project, we practiced a couple of ideation techniques, and then talked about the design process. 06 Ideation and Process lecture notesDownload

04 Aesthetics Tour 2

Today we shared design notebooks and ideas for tonight’s first post on aesthetics. Then we looked at a few specific design aesthetics: Industrial Chic, Biker Culture, Japanese motorcycles, Yakuza tatoos and speech patterns, Manga, Steampunk and more. Lastly we looked at a few examples of upcycling in preparation for the warm-up project. PDF of lecture…

03 Aesthetics Tour 1

Today we went over some more administrative stuff (will it never end?) including a demonstration of how to post to this website. There’s an old post on this from last year  on how to post that is still mostly correct. We finished going over art theories, and had a very nice discussion; lots of thoughtful…

02 Definitions of Aesthetics

Today we finished going over the syllabus, and then went through the history of art vs science and the invention of aesthetics. We got partway through the big art theories. 02 Definition of Aesthetics

01 Intro

Today we went over the initial assignments and started on the syllabus, covering goals and learning objectives. Wendesday we’ll finish syllabus stuff, and get into definitions of aesthetics.

32 Wrapping Up

Hi. I’ll try to collect all of the end-of-semester details here, in rough chronological order.   Make a post for Monday 4/24 with your project name as the title. This will be a placeholder for your presentation video only, so your pod can comment on your presentation regardless of the state of your final blog…

31 Design Awards

Today we finished our discussion of contemporary designers by looking at Steve Jobs and Jonny Ive, and their shared design philosophy. Then we broke into groups to sift through a variety of design competitions, looking at the winners. 31 Design Awards

End-of-Semester Final Portfolio Template

Hello everyone! I would like to provide a written explanation to be used as a reference for creating the final summary portfolio for your project. What you can expect from reading this is how to create portfolio (not a post), apply a template, and some of the available features for customization. This is simply a…

30 Current Designers: Hadid, Pagani, Jobs

We are all done with sketching instruction. Now it’s up to you. Notice what you are seeing around you, and practice! Today we looked at the work of Zaha Hadid (‘Queen of Curves’), Horacio Pagani and Steve Jobs. In Jobs’ case we were able to talk about early influences and how they were expressed as…

29 Current Designers: Stewart, Rashid, Lovegrove, Behar

Today we looked at how to represent metal in sketches; neutral, desaturated colors and fake reflections, suggesting a photography studio environment. We also looked at the work of a range of current designers: Martha Stewart – what is unique about her work? Organized clutter! Karim Rashid’s biomorphic shapes Ross Lovegrove: Captain Organic. Rejects biomorphism/blobism/consumerism, but…

28 Glass sketching and Phillipe Starck

Today we looked at how to represent glass in sketches; show something inside the glass, show its refractive effect, its shadow and glossy surface. Then we started discussing current designers; who comes to mind. Just a few from students: Martha Stewart Dyson Apple; Jonny Ive Elon Musk David Kelly IDEO/Stanford D-school Martha Stewart and Jonny…

27 Chairs: Eames Lounge, Monobloc, and Beyond

Did some sketching; how to represent a glossy vs a matte surface. Watched a video about making the Eames lounge chair as an example of organic design that blends the production process with the ‘good host’ chair aesthetic. Contrasted the Eames lounge chair at $5000 with the Monobloc plastic chair at $12. 27 Chairs Eames…

25 Golden Ratio

Today we talked about schedule, final expectations and Expo registration. See the notes for full details, but here is the registration link. Deadline is 1 week, next Friday! April 14. We will probably all be grouped in the DLC, so we can have group music. Each student should provide one song for a playlist, no…

24 Anthropomorphic and Geometric Aesthetics

Today we talked about the Magic Factor of 7, needed for planning time management. Also covered a bit about sketching horizontal cylinders, and then finished the anthropomorphic aesthetics. Covered the geometric aesthetics except for Golden Ratio; that will be Friday. 24 Anthropomorphic and Geometric Aesthetics

23 Color and Anthropomorphic Effects

Today we did sketching practice: ellipses, useful for showing horizontal circles in perspective. Homework: practice drawing ellipses, as many and as quickly as possible. Practice to correct your errors. Here is a link to some good exercises for drawing ellipses: http://mydrawingtutorials.com/a-drawing-exercise-every-beginner-artists-should-do/ We talked about color spaces, including HSB, RGB and Pantone. Went over a psych…

22 Stuff and Color

Today we went over the schedule (Pictionary Friday!) and looked at a couple of UPS videos: Black and Red Effects. Came up with some answers to “why aren’t all products black?” Also looked at some color nomenclature; brightness vs saturation, and complementary colors. 22 Stuff and Color

21 Aesthetics Game Redux: Timeline Engagement

Today we had team time, including application of the major 20th and 21st century design movements to everyone’s project, and suggestions of other aesthetics in preparation for this week’s post. Students were also invited to the Zotero online library for the course. Make yourself a login at http://zotero.org, then request to join the AeDes group.…

20 Guest Lecture: Sketching Instructions for Travellers

Today (3/10/17) Korkut Onaran (Principal, Pel-Ona Architects and Urbanists, Assistant Professor Adjunct, College of Architecture and Planning, University of Colorado, Denver and President, Colorado Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism) gave a wonderful talk on how he learned sketching, and the role of sketching in his architectural process. He brought us some new…

19 Streamlining to Post Modern

Here is the administrative info for today (Wednesday March 8, 2017): This Wednesday Blog: What are your top 5 constraints? Aesthetics should be one of them. Friday: Guest Lecture: Prof. Korkut Onaran (CU Denver, Urban Planning), pel-ona.com Next Monday: Prototypes are due! Must show aesthetic design. Does not need to function. Small scale is fine.…

18 Art Deco and Organic Movements

A look ahead: This Wednesday Blog: What are your top 5 constraints? Aesthetics should be one of them. Friday: Guest Lecture Next Monday: Prototypes are due! Must show aesthetic design. Does not need to function. Small scale is fine. Same presentation rules and pods as last time, starting Monday. Report blog Weds March 15 Following…

17 Bauhaus and Beyond

Bit of admin: Please post your Upcycle presentations! A little advice on posting videos: Post your video on Youtube or Vimeo. Make the link to the video the first text in your post, and select post type to be video. Now your video will show up with a play button as a featured image. Also…

16 Art Nouveau

Today we discussed the moralism of the Arts and Crafts Movement, then looked at the Aesthetics (Art for Art’s Sake) Movement, and then Art Nouveau. Love those whiplash curves. 16 Art Nouveau

15 Ideation and Brainstorming

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Most folks are closer to choosing their main project, so today was ideal to do a bit more ideation, to get over the hump into a better idea space, or be more sure of their current choice. We used methods from Thinkertoys; a linear method called False Faces, that challenged basic assumptions, and an intuitive…

12 Taking Stock and Sketching

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Taking stock: looking back at Upcycle, and ahead at Main Project Some sketching UPS on color Tonight: Between The Folds Wednesday Blog: Info for team building – what are your skill sets, and what are your personal aspirations (not inspirations)? What do you want to do when you graduate? What do you aspire to be?…

11 More sketching plus…

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Today we went over the requirements for the Upcycle presentations and reports (those will be in a separate post real soon). We also did a little practice sketching basic shadows of boxes. 11 Supernormal Stimuli

09 Aesthetics Game

Today we played the Aesthetics Game. Teams drew a random object and applied a randomly chosen aesthetic, and made sketches on the whiteboards around the room. Some awesome mashups resulted! Very popular: the Mob Culture electric razor, and the Sk8r Shoe Toilet. 09 Aesthetics Game A set of screwdriversSuburbia in TV commercials

08 Team Upcycle Discussion

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We went over the schedule: All blog topics are listed there blog posts are due every Wednesday, critiques due every Sunday; one on a teammate’s post, and the other on anybody else’s post. If you are late with your critques, Michael may assign you to a post nobody else has commented on. We talked about…

07 Sketching a block, and team behavior

Went over 0,1,2 and 3 point perspective, and then how to sketch a block. Based on Steur, Roselien, and Koos Eissen. Sketching: The Basics. Amsterdam: BIS Publishers, 2011. Then we listed to an excerpt from This American Life, #370, on how bad apple behavior (slacker, jerk, depressive) can ruin a group. 07 Sketching and teams

06 Process and Sketching

Today we talked about the design process, ideal vs real. Also looked at some design sketch examples, especially the ideation phase, where you make LOTS of quick little sketches. 06 Process and sketching

05 Sketching and Aesthetics Tour 3

Did a progress check on the Upcycle project. Most students (60%) have some idea of direction, but many are still looking. Did a little sketch/brainstorming, then the conclusion of the Aesthetics tour, including Arts&Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco. Plus glam, Gucci and Disney princesses. Pdf: 05 Aesthetics Tour 3

03 Aesthetics Tour 1, and Upcycling

Today we reviewed definitions of art and aesthetics, and started looking at examples. We also spent a little time towards the end of the hour on what is upcycling. Lecture in pdf format 03 Aesthetics tour, Upcycling Lecture in OneNote format

01 First Class 2017: Fresh again

Design, art, engineering: all iterative processes. This will be the third offering of the Aesthetics of Design course. The class is full, the students are eager, and I’m stoked to do this again: learning and presenting new content, expanding and honing what I already have, greeting students from previous courses and meeting new ones. Looking…

24 Wrapping Up

Hi. I didn’t hear any screams of protest, so let’s go forward with the final page idea, due Sunday May 1 at   7 pm. Create a Page (not Post)  for your work. Title it for your main project. It should have a featured image, a very brief description of the project (< 50 words), your…

Pattern Workshop by Kara Priest

We had two after-hours sketching workshops from Kara Priest, a local painter, portraitist and art educator. The first workshop focused on the human face, and on light and shadow, using pencils and shading tools. The second was on patterns, done with sharpies. We were given a number of skill- building exercises; repeating patterns to practice…

24 Current Designers of Note

Today we talked about current designers of note. Can’t use the term ‘modern’ designers; that gets you all the Mid-Century Modernists. ‘Contemporary Designers’ is a bit better, but focuses on clothing fashion. We listed famous designers, and then talked about Jonathan Ive, Philippe Starck, Martha Stewart, Karim Rashid, Ross Lovegrove and Yves Behar. Full Lecture…

23 Chairs: Eames Lounge, Monobloc, and Beyond

Today Workshop with Kara Priest: Textures and Patterns. Case studies: Eames lounge chair Ubiquitous Plastic Chair: Monobloc Updated schedule posted. Expo Registration is open now, and will close at 4:00pm on Friday, April 15th.  Please register early. Register as an individual, or coordinate with your team to make sure space requirements will accommodate all of…

22 Chairs: Eames Lounge Chair

Today we had a bit of team time, and then looked at the first half of the 20th century furniture time line, using the Vitra Museum website. Then we looked at Charles and Ray Eames, and finally at the iconic lounge chair and ottoman. Full lecture notes:23 Timeline to Chairs

21 Timeline Engagement

Today we played the Aesthetics Game, but instead of the random aesthetics we used the major design movements of the 20th Century, as defined by Fiell and Fiell. Check the posts category Student Work > 2016 > Aesthetics Game > 20th Century design movements. We will continue presentations of the results on Wednesday. In other…

20 Pictionary

I wanted to give the opportunity to practice sketching concepts, so we played a home-made version of Pictionary in class. We had four teams of 3-4 students each (this was the Friday before Spring Break, after all). At first I used a ‘medium’ difficulty wordlist from the Game Girl. The artist from each team came…

19 Bauhaus and Beyond

Today we finished discussing the timeline of 29th century design movements. Everything changed around 1920; Modernism rose with it’s ‘less is more’ austere designs, lacking in ornamentation and cultural references. Now we live in the Post-Modern era, where the value of symbols in ornamentation is more appreciated. I had a lot of fun writing these…

18th lecture: 20th Century Timeline

Our current aesthetics are the culmination of influences stretching back to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and beyond. Today we talked about economic, political and artistic influences from 1880 to 1930, when big changes happened. Full lecture notes:18 20th Century Timeline

17 Geometric Aesthetics

Today: Full notes here:17 Geometric Aesthetics All designers carry a sketchbook New TA starting next week: Thomas Problems posting video? Post to YouTube, then insert link. Clay workshop from Bernt Savig, local sculptor and art instructor. $20 per person in materials, modeling clay, armatures, tools. Options. Start with an Most Popular; I’ll arrange this for…

16 Anthropomorphic Aesthetics

Today:  Full lecture notes: 16 Anthropomorphic Aesthetics Part 1, 16 Anthropomorphic Aesthetics Part 2 Last Presentations Shawn Sprinkle + ? Universal Principles of Design General Aesthetics 20 Aesthetic-Usability Effect Anthropomorphic Aesthetics 26 Anthropomorphic Form 34 Baby-Face Bias 242 Uncanny Valley 240 Top-Down Lighting Bias Included in notes, but not covered in lecture Face-Ism Ratio Waist-to-Hip…

14 Color

We talked about a few design guidelines for using color, plus color nomenclature and color spaces, including RGB, HSB, CMYK and Pantone. Full notes: 14 Color Jason McGrath commented on the previous lecture w.r.t Pantone: Today (3/2/16) you touched on how industry tends to manufacture products in colors that follow Pantone’s color of the year.…

13 Stuff and Color

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Today (Friday 2/26/16) we had/covered 20 minute team time Housekeeping Schedule New text resources Universal aesthetics topics Red Effects It’s all here: 13 Stuff and Color

Build in Progress

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Yesterday (Weds 2/24/16) we had a guest lecturer, Tiffany Tseng, tell us about tools for documenting designs as they are being created. In particular, Build in Progress looks like a nice tool that you might consider for this class. The design flow chart part will be helpful at a minimum.

12 Design Review Requirements and UPDes – Color

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In class today we spent 5 minutes to set up typical week team meeting times, for trading labor. If you were absent, it is your responsibility to contact your team and get this done. A couple of other logistics: Please comment on Aesthetics Game post For examples of May 2014 projects see http://aestheticsindesign.blogspot.com/ This week’s…

11 Aesthetics of Design Game

What a blast! Today we played the following Aesthetics of Design game. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. RULES: Each team picks a slip of paper from two bowls. One lists an aesthetic and one lists an object. These are your assignments. Your team will have 10 minutes to sketch…

02 History of Aesthetics

Today: admin stuff; ITLL and Idea Forge tour and workshop info. Then the History of Aesthetics, including the all-encompassing Hertzberg Theory of Art. Then we started a Tour of Aesthetics, to be continued on Friday. Many students wanted to see the rest of the Dance Vines 2015 video. 02 Definition of Aesthetics Lecture notes pdf.

01 First class

We went over the syllabus and initial assignments. At the end of the class I finally stopped talking and started asking questions: About half the class was familiar with WordPress as a blogging platform. Almost everyone has a clicker. I’ll bring a few to give out to the ones who need one (why doesn’t CU…