Upcycle: Completed Projects

For a first warm up project, students were asked to create an artifact that conforms to an aesthetic, one that they or a classmate has researched. The artifact should be made at least partially from upcycled materials, i.e. inexpensive or recycled material, something easy to manipulate using additive or subtractive techniques: cardboard, foam core, drywall, sticks, plastic forks or plates, soda cans/bottles, Legos, bubblewrap or packing peanuts, stir sticks, straw, hay, cloth, papier Mache, tires, DVDs, PVC, food, plastic bags etc.. The artifact should be of moderate size, something between 0.5 and 8 cubic feet; can be small but must be viewable without a microscope, or up to as large as a chair.

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