01 First class

We went over the syllabus and initial assignments. At the end of the class I finally stopped talking and started asking questions:

  • About half the class was familiar with WordPress as a blogging platform.
  • Almost everyone has a clicker. I’ll bring a few to give out to the ones who need one (why doesn’t CU have a lost/found/recycle clicker program?). I like to use clickers to get quick reads on student thinking and opinions. It’s often helpful for students to see what the others in the class are thinking too.
  • Tours: ITLL and Idea Forge: about 10% of the class need orientation tours. More info next lecture
  • Workshops: Here is the request list
    • Arduino: 20 students are interested
    • Raspberry Pi 25

      Drafting CAD 6

      Hand tools zero

      Soldering 9

      Welding 24

      Sewing 7

      Woodworking 11

Next class I’ll post my research on when and where these will be available.

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