Blog and Comments Policies

Based on the class discussion and voting, we have the following policies:

  1. A blog post will be due each week, Wednesday at midnight. If Prof. H. has not set a specific topic, blog about your progress on the current project. In weeks with a major design review due (CDR, PDR or Final), the design review report will be the blog subject.
  2. Each student has committed to writing at least two substantive comments for each posting assignment. A substantive comment includes identifying at least one strength of the post and a suggestion for improvement. Try to identify more strengths than improvements. Comments on the post content are generally more valuable than comments about the appearance or grammar of the post.
    1. One of the comments will be on one of your teammates’ most recent post.
    2. The rest of your comments (and make at least one) can be on any of the recent posts from the class.
  3. Comments are due Sunday night at midnight.
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