Using Books for Storage (Upcyle Progress)

For my up-cycle project, I plan on using old books as a form of decorative storage. When I was younger I used to have something called a book-safe that had the appearance of a book, but acted as a safe. It only had a couple of pages and the rest of it was a hollow plastic shell that I could put money or other valuables in. This inspired me to make actual books into places that I could store objects.

Book SafeFigure 1: Example of a Book Safe –

After searching the web for a great deal of time, I found countless versions of up-cycled books being used for storage. These included the likes of handbags, electronic device storage, safes, and laptop bags. In addition, they were made using various add-ons such as cloth, wood, clamps, and even elastic bands. For my project I hope to incorporate a couple of these and maybe even find a new method to utilize the space that the books can hold.

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  • This is a really cool idea! There’s a lot of creative stuff you could do with that, but I wonder if the size of a book becomes a limitation. Are you planning on using big encyclopedia type books or smaller classic novels? I’d never thought of using books for anything outside of reading them, but I guess once you have a book that’s too tattered to read (or perhaps a book you really didn’t enjoy), you could put it to a new purpose. What kind of aesthetic are you going for? I could see it fitting into a library or hunting lodge (that cozy room with a big red rug and a fireplace aesthetic).


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