Upcycle Reports

Hi, here is what we talked about in class today; what the Upcycle Reports/Blog posts should have. Then we saw some stellar projects! I am so excited by the quality!

Upcycle Reports/Blog

  • Due Weds Feb 3
  • Set a Featured Image
  • OK to cut and paste from Progress blog
  • Describe your actual design process vs ideal. Compare to your group’s graphic. Can you create a new graphic that would be more descriptive? For example, are there stubs, dead ends? Did it seem more linear than iterative, loopy?
  • Describe and cite your inspirations and any existing designs that you adapted
  • Describe your vision for your project, the specifications that you developed for its function and its form, (your artistic vision). What were you trying for?
  • Compare what you achieved to your FUNCTIONAL goals.
  • Compare what you achieved to your ARTISTIC goals. This your aesthetic, your metric
  • What is next? Will you refine this artifact? Keep it, recycle it, try again someday?
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