Gardner’s gardening skills and more

I am currently a senior in mechanical engineering, so I have the same background as my team mates. I am quite good at Solidworks and making drawings. I have ITLL access to 3D printers, although I might need a refresher. I am a decent wood worker and a skilled welder. I have a massive Ford Expedition that can carry large projects around too.

I am also really good at sketching and drawing if someone needs help refining a conceptual idea. I can also create digital drawings because I have a Wacom tablet and I’m good with Photoshop. I’m a decent photographer too.

If anyone is interested in composites like fiber glass and carbon fiber, I have experience with molds and I own my own vacuum bagging setup. However, you’ll have to reimburse me for vacuum bags and other consumables if you want to use this.

I have some gardening skills and I know my way around a Lego brick.

Gardner Nichols
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  • I may need you to get in the welding shop for me. What I have in mind takes seriously 2 tack welds, so it will take you 30 seconds, but as you know I’m not certified in there so I might have you do that for me. I can 3D print legos for you, or equivalent payment.


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