For my final project, I’d like to create an expanding table. Nothing quite like some of the intricate examples we saw in class, but a simple clean design. The aesthetic for this table will draw on a contemporary mix between organic materials and functional but attractive shapes, very much like my side table.

I saw a table at an open house a few weeks ago and really liked it:


I’d like to incorporate metal (maybe polished) and a dark wood. I also really like the natural shape of the table above, it’s not just a chopped rectangle. I hope to have elements from the table above as well as the function to expand, we’ll see how it goes!



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  • If you want to make this type of projects i think this is a great idea. Me don’t suggest anymore because i don’t found any image. My suggestion is for you that try hard and start working then i think you will get a good result.

  • Mathew Tabor
    March 1, 2016 10:44 am

    Your picture didn’t work, so I can’t see exactly what you’re talking about, although with something like this it’ll be important to stay realistic. You only have a month and a half to make this, so any metal linkages (which I imagine will be necessary) you should probably keep as simple as possible. The woodworking itself will be probably 50% of a nice project if done right, so be sure not to get carried away with mechanisms…I know, there are a million ways to make this awesome but it is on a fixed timeline.


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