Inspiration for Final Project

This summer my buddy and I built some alcohol stoves from aluminum cans like the one shown above. These stoves are very light and run on isopropyl alcohol.

I’ve always thought minimalist camping stoves are really incredible and look really cool, like the model above. Many of the compressed gas stoves look very similar to the one above, following a highly minimalist aesthetic primarily for weight reduction purposes.

Camping gear in general, like this set of pots and pans, has a minimalist aesthetic which I think looks great in addition to being functional.

I plan on creating a minimalist looking alcohol stove with the ability to control flame size, a function I noticed was missing when I was making aluminum can stoves this summer. There is a chance I will use copper and go another route with the aesthetic: steampunk. I’m not quite sure what aesthetic I want to go for yet, i need to look into buying copper first.

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  • Chip Bollendonk
    February 29, 2016 2:21 pm

    AWESOME idea! You’ll get to set things on fire. I’ve seen some tutorials online for making alcohol stoves out of things like tuna cans, but they’re super ugly and not too accessible for people who aren’t complete badasses. It’d be cool if you could make them safer and easier to use!

  • This is going to be a very interesting project. I’m interested to see how you plan on controlling the flame size in such a small and simple device. Can’t wait to see where this project leads you both aesthetically and design-wise.

  • As an avid long distance backpacker I have a mostly love but some hate relationship with alcohol stoves. Are you designing this for backpacking or just a minimalist aesthetic? There are tons of really neat DIY and commercial designs out there. I really like this idea another non aesthetic improvement may focus on a lot of alcohol stoves being illegal in fire risk places, since they spill easy and you can’t control the flame.


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