I’m kind of going back and forth on ideas for my main project right now. Before I come out and say it, I’m going to do a bit more thinking. I can go into my inspirations though. There’s no shortage of them.


I really like plants. All kinds of plants. Especially green ones that are really lush. Living walls are awesome. There’s a little one in the environmental design building that you should check out.



Those little glass bulbs that have plants growing in them are really neat. They also come in bottles.




While we’re still on the subject of plants… Moss.


I saw a cool fish ‘bowl’ in the BTU lab. It was a clear vase filled with delicate plants. There was also a snail in it. I looked really hard for a picture of one like it, but I couldn’t one cool enough to do it justice.


Wood. Wood is amazing. It can be so beautiful.


Warm light.

Moving water. Not anything intense and loud, like a waterfall or a river, but more like a slow, gentle stream.


The aesthetic I’m going to aim for is a combination of all of these. The closest term that encompasses what I’m thinking of is biophilia. Natural and organic also come close. Maybe organic rustic.


To finish off, the closest thing I could find to what I want to do is below. What I’m hoping to accomplish will be a lot more natural looking, and very lush.

This is interesting, but not too close to what I want to do.

This is interesting, but not too close to what I want to do.

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