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This post will be brief and not cohesive because I’m not yet sure what my project will be! I have a few ideas that I’m not thrilled about, and am kind of worried about the time that some of these projects would demand. Regardless, here are my thoughts:

  • Robotics and control: I’d like to do something that moves robotically, that I can implement a controller on. I’m in a “Feedback Control Design” class right now, and I’d really like to implement what I’m learning in a project. Additionally, I’d like to get better at moving things rather than static designs, so this would be a good way to branch out into that.
  • Star Wars: I think this speaks for itself. I love the short/fat/round aesthetic of many Star Wars droids, and I’d love to work with this.
  • Guitar: I’m a musician, and a music-related project would be really awesome. I was thinking about a guitar pedal, or a moving microphone stand.

I’ll update this as more comes to me.

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  • Ryan Yankowsky
    February 29, 2016 2:00 pm

    How about a droid that responds to changes in light ambiance, say you wave your hand near a sensor array (using the force) and using Arduino or another micro controller the droid responds with sound, lights, and/or motion. Would only require a bit of programming and would be a fun project that could be 3-d printed or built into an existing toy or model.

  • I like that you’re being honest about the fact that you’re not sure yet, I think it’s good to have a lot of ideas to mull over. I still think the droid idea would be really cool, maybe to make it a little more simple you could choose one function you want it to be able to do. Also the guitar pedal could be awesome.

  • Chip, I think you have some pretty good ideas here and we have obviously been talking back and forth about this. I think the guitar pedal could be a great way to integrate both music and control into the same project. You could even make it in the star wars droid aesthetic if you wanted. I’m just spitballing here but I’m sure you’ll find something you’re excited about (with reasonable time requirements).


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