Longboard PDR

PDR Presentation Video: https://youtu.be/4gHbGJgX8D8


What will it say upon a first impression?

It will be obvious that it is a longboard upon first impression.


What will it do?

It will roll with humans on top.  It should be strong, yet flexible for versatile turns and sliding.


How do these add up to aesthetic and functional specifications/goals?

The functionality requires certain types of materials, like maple wood for the deck.  Maple itself holds a certain aesthetic. I have to be able to include that in my design.  I hope to use the laser cutter to burn in a drawing, which I think with give the wood a smokiness, a classic and old school longboard style, but with my art, which will be a personal touch.  Also, for the top I require griptape, so a person has traction and will be able to control the board with foot pressure without slipping.  I plan to have a design via the grip tape.  This adds to both the functionality of the board and the aesthetic.


List your inspirations (OK to cut/paste from prior blog). What are you adding that is new?

My inspiration is the love of longboarding and thanking my friend that got me into the sport in the first place.  I was inspired to make something for her she could use.  My artwork will be the new aspect that no board has ever seen before.


What will the hardest/trickiest/critical part be? The part where if it fails, your project fails.

The deck.  If I can’t make a successful deck that is strong enough, yet flexible enough to turn and bend properly, then the board won’t be of much use.


I don’t have a prototype, but I did create the baseplate of my truck design in solidworks, though now I realize I will not be making the trucks.  Too time consuming and outside my price range.


My cost estimate is about 150-200$ (7-9 layers of Canadian rock maple wood, trucks, bearings, grip tape, wheels).



Next week, order materials

Art design drawn up by spring break

Spring break, start building the deck

Test the durability

Laser cut artwork week after spring break

Attach trucks and wheel setup

Ride the board and hope it works!

Grip tape design.

Revisions as needed.

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  • Great design. It’s good to hear you are making this for a friend that got you into into longboards. how are you going to do the layered wood? Can you buy it instead?

  • Meridith Richter
    March 4, 2016 12:28 pm

    I’m really glad to hear you are going to keep the “wood” aesthetic alive in the top design of your board. I think that look with the engraving will be really successful in keeping the board authentic and neat in appearance.

  • Have you looked into buying skate board plank decks? The project looks really cool! I would recommend looking at surf/skate aesthetic for art inspiration.

  • A longboard is a perfect canvas for expressing an aesthetic. Add to that the fact you’re making this for a friend, and I’m sure it’ll bring out the best of your creativity!

  • For the design on the bottom, what you can do is print out a picture and use glue to glue the picture on. Let the image dry and then rub it off with wet fingers. You’ll be able to get a much cleaner image.

  • Samantha Maierhofer
    March 4, 2016 12:21 pm

    I like that you brought in a prop to show the different components. I like the design and aesthetic that you are going with. Good work!

  • Samantha Maierhofer
    March 3, 2016 9:20 am

    Sounds awesome and I can’t wait to start seeing it come together! Have you finalized the deck design yet? Also have you done training yet for the laser cutter/ do you have access to a laser cutter for engraving the piece? Let me know if you need help with any of it!


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