Shawn’s Top 5 Constraints

  • Circuits and Electronics – I have very little experience with circuitry outside of the Mechanical engineering curriculum so this project will be a great learning experience for me.  I’ve talked to Dan a few times and he is happy to help me through this project.
  • Programming – Another important area of this project in which I have little experience in.  I have chosen to use an Arduino to bring everything together as it is relatively easy to use and there are many tutorials online.
  • Cost/Quality – This is already looking to be an expensive project as I just purchased an Arduino starter kit and other components.  I want this to be more professionally done than the guy who built an LED orb from scrap parts, so I’m willing to pay a little extra.
  • Time – Senior Design, other classes, and work take up a lot of my time and I am struggling to find time to work on this.
  • 3D Printing – I have a good amount of experience with SolidWorks so designing parts isn’t the issue.  I’ve never 3D printed a part before and I’ve heard it might be difficult to find a printer that’s not already in use.
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  • Meridith Richter
    March 13, 2016 11:10 pm

    If you need any assistance with the programming within the Arduino IDE or anything like that, I would be glad to help. I have also become quite good recently at hunting down libraries people have already written and developed for very specific components/accessories. There are a lot of really helpful quick start tutorials on SparkFun’s site, even if you didn’t purchase from there. Bildr usually has really well documented projects/code as well.

  • Ashley Zimmerer
    March 10, 2016 8:42 pm

    You might consider talking to Pat in the Idea Forge about the circuitry and programming. Your project seems like something he’d be excited about. Good luck! I’m guessing that it won’t take too much effort to make your spinner look much more professional than the dude’s in the video.


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