Bladeless Fan Progress

I have made a bit of progress on my project, but I do feel I am falling behind a bit. I will spend a lot of time over spring break so that I can catch up.

So far I have sourced the components I am going to use for my project. I have sketched up some rough CAD models just to get an idea of how my product will look.

Below is a list of the components I am going to use. For some components I have ordered multiple types so that I can test which works best and design around that part.

DC Fan

Latching Push Button Switch

Battery Pack

You can see for the fans that I am going to experiment with the size, power rating, and sound to pick the best option.

Currently my CAD models are very rough and do not represent the final product. One major problem I am running into is how to design the head of the fan so that it can be 3D printed.

Below is a cross section of the head.

As you can see printing this profile is going to be difficult. I have thought about splitting it into two pieces and finding a way to attach the two pieces. Over the next week I should have more done on my project and I will have the components so I can take measurements and implement them in the CAD model.

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  • Brandon, great progress on your project. I like that you already have a good idea of where to get your materials. Your CAD is moving forward as well. Let me know if you need help with 3D printing.

  • I think the idea is great! I don’t know if ITLL was opened in spring break, but hope you caught the progress pretty well last week.

  • This is an interesting idea, I’ve always liked the dyson bladeless fans and I think it would be interesting to add your own aesthetic to the concept. You might consider adding some sound insulation to the casing to give the illusion that the bladelss fan is totally silent .


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