Rankin Progress Update

Up to now, I’ve essentially spent time prototyping IR motion sensors for the interactive features of this exhibit, and I’ve had basic success getting those to react and drive the illumination of a light. Now comes the actual fabrication, where I start building the casing and the exterior of the enclosure.

I’m experimenting with a wood curing/coloring technique called Yakasugi Ban, which involves scorching the wood, then brushing the excess carbon off of the surface to leave a shiny, darkened appearance.

Here’s the burning in action:

And here’s the (semi)finished product:


This wood will enclose the boxed that hold the woven branches and the light fixtures.

Next week, I’ll be building the boxes and installing the lights.

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  • The Yakasugi Ban technique you’re using is really interesting – I like how the wood is altered without damaging it structurally. Are you able to remove the majority of the carbon or does it remain chalky? The use of carbon for shading and accent could be a nice complement on other elements of your project. I imagine that different woods each have their own properties. I would be neat if you could use the smell of burnt cedar or pine to add another sensory element to your project.


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