Infinity mirror update




infinity mirror

During spring break, I spent a lot of time machining the frame and finally assemble them together. Since the machine shop was closed during spring break. I went to a family-owned machine shop in Longmont to cut all the glass and framed them together. And I put the LED lights into the frame to test if the dimension of the frame fits the LED lights. And it turns out to be pretty good.


However,  I haven’t made big progress in soldering yet, since I want some help from Tim May from ITLL electronic shop. Hopefully, for next week, I can make some progress on soldering the RGB circuit. After finishing soldering the RGB circuit and playing around the ardurino, I can start some real tests of my infinity mirror.


20th Century design movement

The Minimalism can be applied in my project. Since I don’t want any other fancy items with no actual functions installed in my project. I want to keep my infinity mirror precise and clean. So the concept of Minimalism “strip everything down to its essential quality and achieve simplicity” can be perfectly lies into my project.

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  • I think if you want to apply the minimalism design element to your project you could kind of modify the shape of your mirror. I’d make it pure circular without the separations!

  • Interesting shape, what made you come up with the idea of this sort of fan shape? Also, what is the frame made of? It looks like wood or some kind of brass, I’m not sure. I think your progress so far looks good. The manufacturing of it is very clean, and I don’t see any asymmetry anywhere. One thing I also question is how the infinity mirror works for this? I recall that it’s a one one way mirror, but I thought the mirror would need to be placed in front of the LEDs. If that’s the case, it doesn’t look like you have a spot to place a mirror on top.

  • Classic shape! I like it. Very glad to hear the LED wiring went well for your project!


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