Bladeless Fan Progress 3/30

My design is coming along nicely and I have received my first set of items. I am very pleased with how the man operates and the push button looks to work well. I should be able to begin printing next Monday.

I have designed my fan so that the head piece is removable. Considering that piece is relatively cheap to print, I am going to experiment with different shapes. to achieve different aesthetics.

After talking with Kai in the ITLL it turns out the uPrint 3D printer uses filler material, but is significantly less expensive than the Objet. This is a huge relief for me as I was expecting to have to design to the LulzBots due to price. One downside to the uPrint is I won’t have the ability to choose the color. Most likely the material will be white as that is what is in the printer currently. Because of this my design has taken on a more futuristic aesthetic due to the simple colors and LED push button.

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  • The design is looking good and it looks like you’re making great progress. with regards to the color choices (or lack thereof) it might be possible to paint the cases, and then coat them with a gloss or other material to prevent from wear. How were you thinking of powering the device? I know we talked about this in class a little but it didn’t seem like the options were really weighed for pros/cons yet.

  • Anfal Abdulrahman
    April 3, 2016 10:11 pm

    I like that you overcame the downside by adding somewhat a new aesthetic to your design.
    What are your thought on the head shapes? can you just color the parts you print?
    it’s my 1st time reading about your project and it seems very interesting, looking to see your final product.

  • That’s some good progress Brandon. Glad to see that every thing is coming together and that you found a cheaper way to test your prototypes. How is the head going to be removable? Is it going to be snap fitted or threaded on the fan base?
    With regard to the influence of the 20th century aesthetic movements, I think your design has been influenced by the modern/ high tech aesthetic as well as the organic shape designs. Do you think that is accurate?


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