Cafe Racer Update April 6

I haven’t made any building progress since the last update. Due to some weather and weekend events I have been unable to work on my bike over the last week. However, I have come up with a few ideas to improve my design in order to minimize work. I plan on reshaping my seat in order to fit the natural flowing frame of the bike and avoid have to make major modifications to fit the sit. I also have finalized the decision to paint the tank completely black and bolt on some classic winged Honda logos. Since the engine is silver, the silver wings and gas cap, along with the various other silver components such as forks will complement them nicely. I also have decided to use some classic tan bike grips that match the tan leather seat to complement the tan accent. I have a lot of work to do this weekend and hope to finish the aesthetic part of the project by Sunday. As mentioned before, this will be an ongoing summer project due to the complexity and limited resources I have at my college house to complete the project. I still believe I can do enough to get a decent project completed for this class although my end goal will not likely be reached until the end of summer.

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  • Nicholas Flood
    April 11, 2016 9:41 pm

    I like how it’s coming together. I think using tan grips is a great idea to embrace the color as a nice accent. I’d maybe try to find another way to add a leather-like color. Personally, silver looks nice on bikes, but too much can take away from the beauty of the cafe racer.


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