Pattern Workshop by Kara Priest

We had two after-hours sketching workshops from Kara Priest, a local painter, portraitist and art educator. The first workshop focused on the human face, and on light and shadow, using pencils and shading tools. The second was on patterns, done with sharpies. We were given a number of skill- building exercises; repeating patterns to practice in linear and circular forms, as well as practice in copying and mirroring abstract designs. KaraPattern_Page_4KaraPattern_Page_5KaraPattern_Page_6KaraPattern_Page_1KaraPattern_Page_3KaraPattern_Page_2

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  • Jason Mcgrath
    April 10, 2016 5:33 am

    Thanks for posting this for those who couldn’t make it. The patterns are beautiful. It would have been fun to attend!


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