Rankin Progress Update 3

This week, I spent some time cutting and gathering branches for the wall, then weaving them together out in the yard. I only got enough branches to make a single panel because I underestimated the number of boughs I would need, but I’m thinking I might end up just making one of these pieces instead of 2 (meaning a 6 foot installation rather than a 12 foot one.)

Here’s the branches woven together:


I still need to paint everything, which I’m worried will get messed up because of the weather.

In one nice development, a friend has offered to give me some IR sensors that he made for a different project, so I don’t need to buy 100 bucks worth of sensors now- nice! I’m not sure how well they’ll work, but he said they can read up to 18 inches away, which I think will be fine.

They look like this:


he also sent me a pretty terrible photo of the schematic for them, included for reference:



They look to use a simple IR emitter and receiver, with a pulldown resistor in between- that way, voltage only goes through when the receiver is getting IR signal. Pretty cool!

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  • David Holliman
    May 4, 2016 12:37 pm

    The interaction between natural materials and electronic lighting effects is really cool! It was interesting to read more into your electronics process. As an idea, if you wanted to continue this project, you could incorporate sound and more dynamic lighting to give the impression of fire burning the sticks or a winter freeze cracking the sticks or construction work, etc..


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