Coffee Brewer: The why

Overall this project is for a friend. This is my last year in college and he has been there for all 4 years of it, going through each up and down right alongside me. He’s the one who got me drinking 6 cups of coffee everyday, and someone who has left his mark in my life. We worked closely in the designing, planning, and build of this project. This will be a gift that he and I can remember for many years to come. The aesthetic is more rustic, with some industrial. This represents the darkness of the morning, when you want your first cup of coffee. It also symbolizes the functionality and progression of coffee industries everywhere. There’s a tie in where my friend is also a mechanical engineer and is as rugged and practical as the pipe fittings on this jar. The transparency of the glass represents how we have never hid anything between us in our friendship. The dark and red colors symbolize the contrast between day and night, tired and awake, industrial and craft, and so on.

This was a great project. A lot of fun to build. A great learning lesson for making things out of wood. It will be given to a good friend and will hopefully serve him well, and serve him some good coffee.

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  • Brandon Boiko
    May 2, 2016 1:11 am

    Ben, it came out great. I like the simplicity of the stand, I think it contrasts well with the complexity of the valve making for a nice juxtaposition. Do you have any plans to continue this project, or improve upon it? I believe you would be able to experiment well with different forms of glassware to achieve different aesthetics. Great product in the end. I wish I had one in my home.

  • Katie Hortik
    May 1, 2016 3:47 pm

    I think it is a perfect project for a present especially for someone who sounds so special to you. The mix of wood and metal components works very well together. What types of changes would you be making if it was for your own use?


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