Ferrofluid Sculpture: Final Report part 2

Background and What’s To Come

I chose to pursue this project because of my overwhelming fascination with ferrofluid. It is such a unique liquid that typically is used in automotive applications where normal oil will not hold. The magnetic attribute gives it an advantage in industrial applications, and a pleasing look.

I wanted to take the opportunity this class gave us by creating our own unique ideas as a chance to do something I have never done before. Being that I have always loved the dynamic flow of ferrofluid, I new this was my chance to make my own display. When going over the types of aesthetics in class, I was naturally drawn to the modern aesthetic. Something about the sleek curves and simplicity of the modern aesthetic draws my eye and gives me satisfaction. I felt that a high tech ferrofluid display would fit perfectly in this aesthetic if I could execute it as it was imagined.

Months later my designed was finished and it was time to take it to the expo. The display looked and functioned perfectly as it was planned and I was quite stoked. Unfortunately, the drive to the expo caused significant splattering of the ferrofluid within the display due to all the vibrations caused by boulder’s bumpy roads! This was a catastrophe for my project. But it is not a difficult fix. All I have to do is remove the top panel of glass, clean it, and reapply the hydrophobic coatings. In the future, the display needs to be wrapped when transporting it.

As for the future plan of the display, it will become the first piece of art in my new home. It will start as a center piece on the kitchen table, but I plan on converting it into a bar top once I finish my next project of building a bar. I will incorporate it into the surface of the bar so it sits flat and captivates the drinker while they are making their cocktail. This will be a permanent installation and will make the bar top quite unique and appealing.

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  • this turned out to be really cool. I know we talked about all the fun hart brakes of working with ferrofluid, but it looks and works very well. Good job Derek!!!

  • Kevin Martin
    May 4, 2016 5:08 pm

    Awesome! This will look great incorporated into a bar. That’s a cool business idea in itself… a bar with magnetic-base cups, and ferrofluid (contained, of course) in the tables and bars… haha!

    The gearing you have incorporated is really cool too. It’d be awesome to expand it into a really long gear train, just for the aesthetics of the rotating gears with the ferrofluid.

    Awesome job with this! I’m bummed as well that I couldn’t see it in person, but I’ll look for your trendy bar to pop up on Pearl Street here in a few years.

  • Jakob Oreskovich
    May 4, 2016 4:14 pm

    Would’ve loved to see this at expo, looks awesome!!!

  • Brendan Warren
    May 4, 2016 9:55 am

    Such a bummer it didn’t make it to expo! Luckily you got that video to show it in action. I really like your idea of integrating it into a bar top. I think that will add a unique personal touch that will be a great conversation piece. Congratulations on finishing the course and best of luck on your future endeavors.


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