Surreal Stirling Engine: Timeline

March 3 – Ordered parts (Glass syringes, alcohol lamp)

March 11 – Parts arrived

March 23 – First parts printed

March 28 – Begin assembly

April 4 – Initial testing

April 8 – Whale sculpted

April 15 – Helicopter rotor printed

April 18 – Final tweaks and details added to the whale

April 23 – Expo

Here is a link to the final presentation on the project:

engine, stirling, surreal, whale
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  • Kevin Martin
    May 4, 2016 4:56 pm

    This is so cool! I honestly didn’t know much about stirling engines before this class, and watching yours progress over the last few months has been so cool.

    I’m especially impressed with your incorporation of 3D printed parts- I think that’s such a cool contrast to bring to “old school” metal stirling engine models. I’d love to have something like this sitting on my desk!


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