Aesthetic Exploration: 4th Dimensional Objects

To create something in the 4th dimension is currently impossible. To even visualize it is incredibly difficult. But there is something very appealing to watching a 4 dimensional object rotate in 3 dimensions on our 2D screens.

There are artists such as Salvador Dalí who incorporated the concept 4D objects into their art.

4D objects are not a particularly popular subject at the moment, but it is a subject that is growing everyday. It is studied by many theoretical physicists and mathematicians who hope to seek a greater knowledge about the universe we live in. Currently, to “visualize” a 4D object without the use of a computer is through projection. If we had a small glass box within a larger glass box connected at the corners of each, the shadow that is cast would be the projection of a 4D object.

As of right now, our best way of visualizing and understanding these unique shapes is with the help of computers and virtual reality.

With more time, hopefully we will be able to find a way to actually see and create 4D objects.







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  • i thought that the 4th dimension would be time. However, this aesthetic style is very interesting and unique. The images are mind boggling and does indeed seem to extend past the “3rd dimension” as seen. I am still not convinced that this is actually the 4th dimension and more information about how this is considered 4th dimensional could be beneficial.

  • Wow! I had never even heard of this until know, but I like it! I’ve already googled it and feel that I could scroll for hours. Do you know of any research that has been done on the topic? Is anyone currently researching a way to make a 4D object!?

  • Great topic! I love learning about and trying to understand dimensions. I think the pictures and gifs you chose did a good job of explaining your point. I would have liked if you added more content and explanation, sharing more insight. The fourth dimension is something that entices me, and I think you left some information out that could have been useful to your post. What other artists have explored the fourth dimension?

  • Siddharth Nigam
    January 25, 2017 11:45 pm

    Wow, this is a very mind boggling post. I was intrigued the moment I read the title. I think your use of gifs really helped visualize your point, albeit a really complicated one. Initially my thought was that the 4th dimension is time, any ideas on that? However, it is a little hard to grasp.


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