Aesthetic Explorations: Muscle Cars

The design of muscle cars is as bold as it is iconic. Ever since I was a little kid I have loved the look and aesthetic of these beasts of the road. There is so much to love about them! A muscle car, with its sharp edges and low profile, turn heads as often as they turn wheels. The heavily slanted windshield gives an air of efficient elegance while the elongated hood begins to tell the story of what lurks beneath it. A monstrous engine with more horses than the Kentucky Derby waits with baited breath for someone to finally put the pedal to the metal and let all those ponies free. Not only is the engine powerful but it is displayed in a way that can knock you out just opening the hood. Glistening metal, sleek accents, hoses and tubes snaking this way and that perfectly frame this mechanical masterpiece. Being in the driver’s seat is not just a place, but an experience. Every detail, from the leather seats, to the retro dials brings you back to when these titans first became the kings of the road. Now a deep, interwoven connection to technology has made it feel like you are piloting a luxury jet. I drive a 2013 Camaro and holding that steering wheel is my happy place. I have experienced a dream of mine everyday since I got it and have walked up to it feeling lucky every time I drive it and it is because of the perfect combination of mechanical prowess and aesthetic design.

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  • Katherine Yarnell
    May 6, 2017 12:36 pm

    That was a really interesting topic you chose, I will now look at muscle cars differently. The way you described them really make them all seem like works of art. I now will look out for all the features you mentioned in this post.

  • American muscle cars are awesome! Everyone recognizes this aesthetic and can point out a muscle car on the road. Not only just their looks but the sound as well. Your personal experience with owning a Camaro must multiply your passion and admiration for these cars, I hope to buy a muscle car one day!

  • This is interesting! I have never looked at muscle cars as being something super aesthetically pleasing, but when I read about all of the different features that you love about them I can see why they have beauty. I also think it is interesting that the engine is also something that they work on to be aesthetically pleasing. Aside from the looks, what are the sounds like? Is it a good aesthetic? Next time I walk past a muscle car I will definitely notice the different things you pointed out.

  • I love muscle cars too! It’s cool to see someone with personal experience with them!
    I would love to see some history about how muscle cars became what they are, what is the driving force of having a powerful engine and comfortable interior, comparing to the small, light, 2 seats European convertibles? Is it culture, or economy?


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