Upcycle Update: Bottle Tree

For my Upcycle project I was planning on using old bottles to create a bottle tree. Personally I always have trouble choosing a drink when going to the store and it would be great to have a decoration that would be able to spin and choose a drink from. Aesthetics will be the simplicity of the shape, cone with “cuts” with where the disks will be. Also trying to accomplish a smooth look, taking away the sharp discontinuities.

The material for this project will be used glass bottles and some plywood I have laying around the house. I also plan on incorporating some lights like seen above. However, the lights will be placed inside the bottles to illuminate them from the inside.  I probably won’t incorporate spinning into this version as I can’t think of a turntable like item that I have or can find. Attaching the bottles to the plywood will be completed with an adhesive which will be the one thing that I will buy.

That’s all I have currently. If you have any ideas about how to make this thing spin please comment below.


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  • Jeremy Parsons
    February 5, 2017 10:39 pm

    We spoke in class briefly and I still really enjoy this concept. I still think diversifying colors by layer may look interesting. I also think that diversifying the brands (thus logos/graphics) would lend to the aesthetic appeal. We discussed how to support the center of the structure as well, this could be accomplished in a variety of manners, depending on how you wanted it to look and function. If you want it to spin an electric motor and some bike hard ware would help you bump up the torque and spin it quietly?


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