This is a picture of a skateboard rack

Upcycling Update- Skateboard Rack

For my upcycling project, I am planning to use reclaimed lumber, cardboard, and (potentially) pvc pipe to construct a small, floor skateboard rack. Even though I only own a couple boards, finding space to put them without them seeming out of place is more trouble than it should be.

I will cut two cardboard boxes into the shape of the vertical mounts. If I can find reclaimed 2×4’s, I plan on using those as back boards to reinforce the integrity of the cardboard inserts (making sure they don’t bend under the load) and as the base of the rack itself.

I am still planning the execution of this project. Any feedback is appreciated!

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  • Definitely high usability/functionality in this concept! It was smart to mock up your artifact with what I assume is SolidWorks. Having dimensioned drawings of the parts in your assembly should streamline the manufacturing and assembly processes quite a bit.

  • Alexander Lien
    February 5, 2017 11:40 pm

    This is a great idea. Skateboards can take up way more space than they should. It’s good to see you have a cad model to guide you a little bit. Hopefully you can get materials at the scale you need to make a quality project.


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