Upcycle Progress: Acrylic Sculpture

My idea for the upcycle project is to cast an acrylic sculpture. I am thinking of using scrap pieces of acrylic as my medium. A mold for the sculpture can be created using silicone which cannot be done using an upcycle method. However, after the silicone mold has been created, it can be reused infinitely.

The process is to melt the acrylic in a saucepan in a well ventilated area. The molten acrylic is then poured into the mold and set to cool. By varying in the different colors of acrylic, a unique multi-color sculpture can be produced. More details to come.

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  • I think this is a really cool idea! And it is a good point that the mold itself can be reused. This project would be very useful if there is something that you need to make multiples of, especially if the acrylic winds up working well with the molds.

  • Hi Jason,
    I like how you were thinking of changing the shape of the acrylic, not just drawing on it or something like that, that’s really creative. I’m also glad you mentioned a well-ventilated space for safety! Where do you hope to get your re-cycled acrylic from? Can the mold be made out of something besides new silicon, like cans or old dishes or something? Good luck with your project!


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